Choose Akar as Your Electro Mechanical Company in Dubai

Using Electro-mechanical equipment has become more like a necessity within different industries and thus the demand for an electro mechanical company in Dubai is also increasing manifolds. There are numerous advantages of using these solutions.

Some of the benefits of using...

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Christ is born(The Paradoxical Christ)

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
So unassuming, he enters our world
with shepherds lowly coming to adore
this infant Lord who will freedom herald.

Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
His star in the east did the magi see.
A star never seen from the days of yore

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Spins across curves

Swims across borders

Sights across strangers

Fights on anxious heights

Ripes when sees the sea

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Napoleon's contention for Josephine

On the plains of Europe I contend for an empire.
On love's battlefields I have contended more for thee.
A stare from your rolling eyeballs consumes me like fire,
as I seek entrance to a world of just you and me.
Mademoiselle Josephine, you are truly my world's wonder.
What precious gem...

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Howard Carter's expedition (1922) Revised Edition

I am here on an archaeological quest,
to satisfy many a curious mind's request
for knowledge on antiques and artifacts
of Egypt's long extinct historical facts,
in treasured sands buried, like gold mines earnestly
sought for in stories shrouded in mythology.
With a large contingent just...

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