Thorn Of Trust

When the roaring storm comes
And the clouds are seen in dark uniforms
And rain falls in our haulm homes
The pain in my chest shall sail away
And the wicked sons of men                                           shall remain set in their ways

I am sick in the heart

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I'm a son of art
Hearty in my interaction with nature
I smile when the green banners of trees wave at me
My artistic orlay is ineluctable
I understand if you don't understand me
There's mystery in my words and my works
Because I am a mystery!


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I was a girl, afraid of the world 

        Didn’t dare to trust, nor even lust

I was a girl, slow to know

Never ate; lost some weight 

I was a girl, too cold to hold 

My fear was clear; always near

I was a girl intertwined in my mind 

I would start to choke as...

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only you my rose

 Only you, my rose

more beautiful everyday

it will not wither


I wrote this particular haiku, for my dear mother,  for the event of her 97th birthday.

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Something Terminal

Is it wrong that for a minute I wondered what it’d be like to have a real problem like cancer or being discriminated against. I thought of all the poems I’d be inspired to write, all the pain I’d have to share, all the words that would come pouring out of my heart as easily as...

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