O!  Thou gods, are wise.

Thy verdicts count no vice.

Wandering at the death rate beyond evaluation,

Are thou conspiring with thy creation?


Thou are wise, Thou are sympathetic.

Thy affections are so drastic;

But why have   thou hide thy face?

Even from the human...

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Have you had a dream?

The long time, so dim,

Like a coming shadow of eternity

You ought to commit to memory,


It is a trial, the delay,

Like a gigantic pebble on the high way

It is a test of courage, knowledge 

But seems to have set you on a voyage



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widow window.

I deserted my window,

Where I used to sit,

Now and then a little bit,

I forsook my only screen,

Where I could see the world,

And couldn’t be seen,

Till  the snow prevailed,

Everything was solid cold,

Frost and despair began to wade

Across the snow in the meadow,


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Jessica Warrior Poetry

Personal Unexistance

You find it hard to travel by foot
So you sit, So you sit darling
And I prove you wrong in gabble
How it's hard to
Stand up again by feet
And hold your flute
And eternity sits on your bones too
Fills, your fleshy mind isn't absolute
Ignite a fire and get a blanket

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