Toby Horton

Down but not out,

On the floor is all,

But working my way back.

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Keys to the Kingdom

If you hear a voice within you say, “You cannot paint,”

Then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.


-Vincent Van Gogh




There came a key to mad Van Gogh;

There came a madman’s eye


That saw a terror in the crows

That swarmed a trembling...

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The Day I Went Crazy

Nothing matter. Couldn't be sadder. Can control my bladder. Adventures couldn't be badder. My T.V. is a little mo flatter. Watching different shows that's the way to break the oath. Don't do it like a little toad. You got places to go. The day I went crazy. It shocked my inner baby....

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A Planeride

The sky a blue
as deep as the love
of those we hold closest
     as deep as the loss of death
it seems that the memories die with them
     what lays
underneath those mildew towers of clouds
        of fluffy


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The gray clouds above the road never ending
The cars and the clouds go by, another and another and another
My heart feels heavy the emptiness, filled by mere bodies not beings,
The sky deprived of blue and their souls deprived of life
Anther and another and another

The apparitions...

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