Joy Ride

You penetrate my mind 
Opening me up 
Stroking my brain 
Your words are divine 
So much wisdom and knowledge 
You come inside me 
Explore the depths of my sea 
You're a true visionary 
Refusing to let go 
As you dive within me 
Thrusting those words 
When I'm fully absorbed 
You kiss me softly.

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Rare Love

As rare as a black rose

As gentle as a fallen petal

You won’t last forever but I shall keep you as long as I can

That sweet smell I’ve gotten addicted to

I don’t want this to leave


The rarest but the best I’ve ever had

If I never had you I might be mad

I can’t...

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Speak Up

We are told “You have a voice so speak up”

But we get pushed further down whenever we do speak up

I don’t understand why they tell us

“You can do whatever you put your mind to”

When they want us to be successful in life

But when we do what we want we are looked down...

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Sky Color



Sky Color


If tomorrow our sky was no longer blue….

Heaven only knows what we would do.


Blue is the color of my eyes that see the sky so clear.


Blue is the color of the ocean where I try to be near.


Blue reflects the colors of our atmosphere.

Oh if the...

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Love Fades Away

Why does love fade away?


How can love be so strong in the beginning, but over time fade?


You start off with butterflies and do everything for someone each and every day


Over time you start focusing on yourself again, and that person is rarely around, they never seem...

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