On this special occasion,

It’s wise to send you an invitation.

Come, and coats the vacuum in my heart;

For there is the place we cannot be apart


As the moon lights the night,

So your love can make my heart ignite.

As hibiscus blooms at all time, no season,

My love for...

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Mr. Cavanaugh's Gone

No! How can it be so? That the one I lost Wasn't long ago When I saw your smile For the last time I didn't know That your clock would ring it's final chime Oh, how I wish you were here! It feels like a dream When you were here last And reached out to me Your head...

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O! How I wish you were here mum!

It was the host of hell unleashed on me

Tears trickle down my eyes, behold a new album

The death, like the handshake of a notorious bee 


Mom your death was a pain

Our great moments lost in time

More like tears in the rain

Words cannot...

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The Day Dream

His eyes sparkle and shine His arms shall hold me to the end of time His eyes hold mine As this moment devine Ends, as I close my eyes

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