Use these words

Glass and crowd are near

Need to be handled, unless tear

Unworthy steps in reflects fear

Blood will flow like flood

Confuse never shut to refuse

When they awarded under wrong one


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Cold or warm touch has charm Bold or calm both has charm Organs other than hand Also can touch like hand Words come out of mouth Touch ears north to south Eyes that kindle are best Nice to speak east to west Other than touch of physical Other type touches are...

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vaccum clear

Vaccum between hearts

Solved with quietness of mind

Drizzle of love

Gives green in another

Carves an united society

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As invisible capsule

Our health console

Flows across season

for Surviving reason

Mixure of gases behind

Hence it is called wind

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Celia Rainfier

As we did intrude stalwart, securing the role of wishful wonder

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