Marie-rose de Beauharnais

To what shall I liken thee?
An angel in realms above,
a mermaid in Oceans beneath,
a costly stone in the fiercest
contention sought for,
or even a costly diamond in the
earth's elusive epicentre buried?
Your beauty is a turning point
reference in your amazing book
of chronicles.

Napoleon Bonaparte

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Christmas Fun

Eureka! it's Christmas time again!
A time to reminisce about seasons past
of pizzas hot, cup cakes, icing coated snacks,
home-made lemonade, champagne and Santa's sacks
of choicest toys, newly produced and recast.
Eureka! laughter pervades the plain!
for dazzling lights of astonishing...

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Nigeria My Motherland

Nigeria our great and beloved motherland,
where multitudes of tribes unitedly stand.
Our land of hope by two rivers divided,
with lush vegetation by nature provided.

Nigeria our home of people resilient.
A land of great icons in works diligent.
We hail thee our great and revered black...

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Beauty's Vanity and Worthlessness

Though I style my curly braids with ribbons bright,
and colour my sweet moist lips with royal red
to look as bright and fair as a newly wed.
Though I stand on two towers to get a better height,
with eyelashes that beckon at each gazer.
Though my trendy gowns make me a trailblazer

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Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Will You Love Me Tomorrow

When My Hair Has Turned To Gray - When My Eyes Have Grown Tired Of The Games People Play.

Will You Love Me When I'm Older - When the Stars Don't Shine So Bright. When I'm Worn And Ragged As The Day Turns Into Night. Will You Care For Me As You Do Now -...

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