Celia Rainfier

As we did intrude stalwart, securing the role of wishful wonder

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Still Peach

For my ears still covet
A language broken into feeling

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She fixed words with Tiger's maw
In the brisk of November night
Famished for more of what used to govern her through, as tepid leaves fell
12 variations of Emerald and bloodfire tiptoe Suburban air
Stalking one window by which she wept
Goodbyes rendered her soul a deep blue,...

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Cry, Beacon

What of light resembles purpose?
Guide to those who tread dark,

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Thorn Of Trust

When the roaring storm comes
And the clouds are seen in dark uniforms
And rain falls in our haulm homes
The pain in my chest shall sail away
And the wicked sons of men                                           shall remain set in their ways

I am sick in the heart

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