My nostalgic Christmas

I heard an old old Christmas song
sung by grandma on Christmas eve.
It wasn't in good stanzas long,
but it did the joyous times retrieve.
It gladdened my heart which did grieve
over all I thought I'd done wrong,
and could not annually achieve.
It did convey emotions strong
of joyous moments...

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My Nordic Christmas story

I bought boots for Christmas to tread the icy plains.
I bought toys for Christmas with Santas in my trains.
I lit my home for Christmas with a Cedar bright.
I made cup cakes for Christmas for my love's delight.
I bought Jane a dress for Christmas with ribbons pink.
I bought for my...

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A December to remember(Love at Christmas)

A lovely December morning like this,
connotes nothing else in our world but bliss.
A time to mine our richest depths of love
on fifth avenue's apartments above.
Every split second is worth a lifetime
with your warm presence in this wintertime.
A kiss from you is like an explosive.

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Akunna the osu goddess (African writing)

Sweet Akunna of the forbidden caste,
with breast erect and succulent to taste.
She has marble eyes that blossom by day,
and ivory teeth worth a millennium's pay.
Her rare curves dangle to her feet's rhythm,
for the gaze of rivals deep in schism.
Her moist lips have their natural redness,...

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4 Tricks to Get Laid On The First Date- How to Hook Up With A Hot Girl

Hey, what's up it's Jesse here from seduction science, and today I've got for you four tips for how to get laid right on the first date consider this your step-by-step guide on what to do the first time you go on a date with a girl and how to get her into bed right away I mean ever...

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