June Bug

I can’t sleep - Tonight, I woke & woke & woke - I tried using the wind outside to heal me. It’s as if there aren’t any answers. Like everything in the past doesn’t matter. I laid down again & tried for sleep. My thoughts just wouldn’t give in. I had to get up and do something. So I put away a bunch of stuff. Out of boxes. And in one of those boxes. Were some antique dishes. My son helped me pack over a month ago. When I looked into one dish I saw a June Bug. Seeming it dead, I tossed it into my sink. Then God Happened, I saw it moving it’s legs. It had just rained a little bit (Thank you God). So I took the June Bug outside & laid it on the table with the drops of rain. I turned it over so it could drink. And it started crawling. Then I went to get my phone so I could record this miracle. But when I got back – 1 minute later – The June Bug was gone

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Carma Deyoe
(author) - September 2 2021 at 06:07am

It May Not Be Important To Anyone But Me. But It Changed How I Think About Things. How Could Have The June Bug Survived In A Box With Dishes All Wrapped Up In Newspaper For Over A Month? Makes You Want To Think