Eye's locked

Heart stop's

Paralyzed by those wise eye's

They tell me

Of everlasting love and compassion

Of sin and salvation

Of betrayel and forgivness

They see in me

They lead me

They save me

The laugh warm's me

It shows me the true meaning

Of loving endlessly

And to expect nothing in return

To never be afraid

To never hide away

To with stand the pouring rain

To find the brightness even in the dark

To hold myself together even if my world falls apart

The soft tender touch

Fills my heart with so much love

It feels as if it will burst

Giving me an over powering thirst

The beautiful smile takes my very breath away

Leaves me lost in a haze

The presence besides me stops time itself

Just leaving it the two of us in this world

I live on that love

With every breath I take

I remember the good old day's

That made me who i am today

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  1. Ariel

That is so descriptive and heartfelt, I love it!

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