This is a change you can't resist 

your forced to conform

that's the only choice you get

or else you 'll quit

the way you think

the way you talk

the way you walk 

is completely different

you chose this path

but didn't know what to expect

the success I can achieve 

outweighs the struggle I'm dealing with 

just got up and left everything behind 

"friends" will forget you in a second 

until they see how good you are doing

and they try to be apart of it 

fuck you fuck that

I don't need any of you

and that's a fact

been on my own since

my mama got sick 

physically she was there

but mentally she was long gone

never got the chance to realize her love

and my sisters became my kids 

now who's going to take care of them 

protect them

show them it'll be alright

I know the truth 

but I fought so hard to deny it 

I wanted her to be my mother 

like how it all started

no fault of her own 

but deep down hatred started to grow

blamed her for it all

when she couldn't even control it 

What kind of daughter am I ?

the guilt built inside

I'm sorry got all I said

you didn't deserve it 

Mama I mean it 

See I needed someone to take responsibility 

someone to just raise and take care of me 

I was so young, trying to grow up

so my sisters can have someone to depend on

help them get over the bumps on the road

I ended up engaged  to someone

who cheated on me a few times before 

Why did I say yes ?

I asked myself that question everyday 

Do I want it,

I had my doubts from the very beginning

to me it was just a fairytale

that I always wanted

but he's  not prince charming

that I'll share my happily ever after with 

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