My thought processes are busted,


swatches of my mind rusted,


so maladjusted I'm disgusted,


with myself, above all else,


this shell, locked in a hellish cell,


with a keening knell I can not dispel!

 I must attest, that my mind is a gibbering mess,

 I lust for rest, it's high time to end this bantering stress!

 I need to be free of this anxiety before it kills me you see!

 Already on my knees, as I plead, for release, surrounded, by my own debris!


 Too many pieces are missing.

I'm pissing away all my time!

 I can feel everything slipping,

 dripping right out of my mind!

 Here I am writhing and twisting,

 wishing I wasn't confined!

 Who tell me who is still listening?

 I'm listing here on my side!


 My head, will not stay still!

 I'm filled, with dreadful trills.

 So shrill, I'm feeling so ill,

 gonna spill, my guts....

 I'm going nuts!

 A mental klutz!

 If life's a joke, then I'm the butt.


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