Snapping, popping, whooshing, gasping, it had roused me with trepidation.
    Creaking, stretching, groaning, popping, I had head as I fully adjusted.
         I thought to my self, "While it sounds like a fire there's no way it               could truly be! Nothing outside could yield such flames with
                a torrent that now assails me! For rain with the wind it                   does fall in great volume and it falls with such a din!"
                      The thought it had hit me as hard as itself when I
                        realized where that great sound had truly lain.
                             That great grandfather oak who grew by
                                 My window had succumbed to that
                                  thunderous voice. A tree of such                                    girth that my arms could never
                                    surround it. The wind twisted
                                      it like a bluebell stem and
                                        mercifully tossed it the
                                          other direction, away
                                           from my family and
                                               I. Oh such force!
                                                  It makes me
                                                       In awe.


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