I am lost within my misery.

Eyes so dim that I can barely see.

Not sure what to do to be set free.

So tired of trying to be me.


Ready to give up the fight

I have lost most of my might

Body taunt, chest tight

fallen from the highest height.


Can't, eat, nor, sleep,

these, eyes, won't, weep

laying, silent, in a, heap,

upon me my death does creep.


Go away leave me alone,

let me suffer, wail, and moan,

for-ev-er more I am prone,

lost my universal tone.


Just, let, me, die,

I don't even want to try,

Won't, say, good. bye,

for, me, don't, cry.


I, am, so, cold

in and out, you have been told,

lungs, full, of, mold,

oh I feel so very old.


run, while, you, can,

I am just a shell of man.

see, my, gnarled, hands,

I can barely walk or stand.


I'm, the, one, whom

is filled to the brim with gloom.

I'm, my, 0wn, doom,

locked within my tired tomb.


Hate, this, wretched, life,

it is only pain and strife.

Bring, on, the, scythe,

death will be a welcome sight.



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