Every day I love you more

than I had the day before.

There is so much to adore,

You're the one I was made for.


Long to hold you in my arms,

feel your tender loving charms,

keep you safe and free from harm,

till our new romantic farm.


Gaze into your gorgeous eyes,

show you you're my greatest prize,

make you feel the finest highs

hear your loud passionate cries.


Run my fingers through your hair,

lay my heart before you bare,

let you know how much I care,

make with you a perfect pair.


Say  I love you every day,

with you laugh,  joke, jump, and play,

prove to you I'm here to stay,

cheer you up when skies are gray.


Be the one you always need,

all my love to you I'll feed,

you're expectations exceed,

I know that we can succeed. 


Be your partner and your friend,

any strength you need I'll lend,

to your needs always attend,

one great day with you transcend.








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