O, rose If some one suggests with offer I shall politely turn down an offer Come straight way with the name of rose flower And smell the fragrance sooner It is only of its kind To be named precisely as king King of flowers Red, pink or for that matter any color Look at the natural blessings! Almighty has shown clear leaning Or favor to a majestic flower to show When it naturally grows What a mechanism to protect! To keep others away from evil act Thorns underneath to give test of punishment What else you expect from nature at present! IT is nice gift from brother to sister And from daughter to kind father It conveys the message of love and affection No one turns nose to offer reaction Such flower needs our attention For all purpose its retention In magic spell and fragrance It is lovely and life time chance The petals stand in elegance They show color with presence It is unique stand with plant That is all we need and want!

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