Beauty in possession I hunted for original beauty And prayed for one to almighty Black or white was welcome Found certainly when was back home Exactly original as if carved out That was in mind when talked about She stood there with elegance To see her face to face was just golden chance God really spare time for beautiful object So he has not fear of letting down on act] That figure goes all out for praise When lands on earth to find demand with chase See her eyes and find heaven Lots of invitation with graceful silence I would love to call her beauty on earth Anyone would love to fall and like till death No sex appeal but full innocence That can be observed at variance Her eyes speak a lot for secrets inside She is there always to confide I find her like ocean Her face speaks volume still remains clean No secret dept of any kind I still try to probe and read her mind The probe is on to go still deep Her face reveals all that I want to keep A good human soul with utmost integrity God has really granted very good personality She must excel in each field With sway over position held I wish her grand success and elegance With beauty in possession on face

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