You have sought me out


We meet once again.


Like long lost lovers


Removed by life


Separated by time


Ever connected by heart and by mind.



Bravely I relinquish my guard


Timidly welcoming you in.


It’s been so long, it seems


I don’t know where to begin.


Reality hits like the crash of a wave


Emotions flood in and everything has changed


Apart from you I am lost within


Captivated by the grips of fate


I must succumb to your embrace


No depth is safe from your reach.


Modesty is dismantled, and inhibitions flee




My soul thirsts for you.


Like the cracked dry earth


Eternally aching for your cleansing touch


Brazenly, you storm my soul


Like the steady summer rain;


Every premise washed away


Fear no longer held at bay


Stretching as a radius undefined.


 Your reach has no restraint


This pretense of aloofness


Shattered by the truth.


Purge me.




Your grasp is strong


Your grip is firm


Your fingers are relentless.


Pressing into my skin


Audaciously you overstep every bound


Encroaching each defense


With precision so profound.


You sweep each of them down.


Inversely I give way to your trespass


I am weakened by your power


Caution no longer upheld


It’s you.   You are water.


You are fire.


How I’ve missed your familiar touch


It’s been too long.




As water courses its path


You pursue with fateful intent


Permeating deeper into my within


Pain, you are bold.


As the rain sinks into the earth.


This cumbersome ache quests to remold


I cannot reciprocate your weight


As you crush hard against me


Every fear releasing its hold.


Every story aching to be told.


Thoroughly you erode this hard soul


Changing each scape


With your harsh, loving touch


Your what I need, your who I know


Pursue me anew


I welcome you home.


It’s been too long my dear friend.


It was always for must.


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