Humanity suffers I went into mosque and churches Prayed earnestly with frantic search “Appear before or whisper some words” I pleaded “No my son, search within” replied lord I could follow nothing’ It gave indication of something Why was I searching some where? When He was around and here This gave me eternal joy It was pleasant to hear and enjoy “Give no excuse or reason for someone to annoy” Heart is temple to see through with no decoy Kabir* was right in asserting “Follow heart dictates and never desert” The inner call is your real strength God may respond if you utter in any wave length In fact we are great villain Greed and unhappiness is adopted to gain Real happiness and enjoyment is in giving You may feel eternal strength while forgiving Are we not forgetting one aspect? Humanity suffers from our neglect We enjoy at the cost of others By giving pain and causes to bother Kabir* ancient saint known for his verses

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