My life has been cursed

by a curse so profound

that it tears me apart

and it brings my soul down.

Down to the depths,

of Hades itself,

where day turns to night

and my soul cries for help.

Help from above

or help from below.

Which shall it be and oh

how shall I know?

I know that I wander

so lost and afraid,

until the day that

my body is laid.

Down in the earth 

or perhaps in the sea.

All that I know

is that this fragile being

shall be scattered one day

as the dust in the wind.

Forgotten by all of my

fam'ly and friends.

They too you see

shall become but as dirt.

And none of us ever

shall know any hurt.

No pain or fear

or depression or sin,

just peace and quiet,

asleep in our dens.

Eons stretch on

in the eternal tide.

All we can do,

is enjoy the ride.

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