Roses have always occupied my attention They are kind of kings among roses if I correctly mention But what you terms real rose in her equal brilliance? I have found in her an opportunity and real chance You have to witness wonderful personality of her She is desert flower with all the fragrance there But thorns around to protect her self and image As she is about to witness great upheaval of an age She can afford to have her own luxurious style But that has not altered her ambition meanwhile She stands for down trodden and poor Muslims Proper education is in her blood and remains a dream “Rose” may gain new height when “Allah” showers Gain respect from people when they may whisper In her praise about noble work done for no return Now all their wishes may be her asset in turn She is running for cause from limited source That comes from meager income without any force That is her secret strength and an ability to maneuver After all she doing it for true Islamic followers She has resemblance of Angela Julie* Dedicated to hungry people and providing it free She has adopted number of countries Rose is worried too about human miseries She makes crusade against corrupt practices Followed under the aegis of religion promises A true follower as her self, she refused to be drawn She may not believe in un rest but not rest of her own Rose is not my ideal or personal friend But she stands for ideals which others have failed She has her aim in life to be fulfilled I wish she longs in life as Allah has willed

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