When will you come back? “Mom why don’t you speak”?Why you look so pale and weak?Why you make no move?What are you trying to say or prove?Don’t keep silenceIt makes me nervous I see you on bedWhy anything can’t be read? I feel you are tired so much after day’s routineThere is no one at home to make you feel fine Mom when I grow young!I shall take your care and walk along You are making me cry Why don’t you get up and try?I see no movement in your bodyIs there any help you need from somebody?I was away from home for immediate callShe had told me not go as she was unwellI though I shall finish the work and come back soon I never thought there will be dark inside room without moon I heard all those words from baby She was not at all ready To believe that her mom was no moreI felt pity and cried with grim composure The child is unlucky soulIf any time something is to be witnessed as sad call There is no room for their easy conviction They miss a lot with lots of confusion “When will mom come back“? She may suddenly askI will have tough time to answer but may offer tea from flask She will seep slowly and stare at the sky I try to control feelings but put head down and lye Such is human behaviorEspecially when child is minorThey are attached more to mother As she ay always pick them up and play on shoulder

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