A man is what he has got

No matter if it is hope, love or whatnot

A few times in a man's life,

not thinking about the strife,

he finds himself a wife

Somebody to live, love and share his life with

and cool that special itch...

But if the wife is a bitch

everything in his life

will start to twitch.

Even rattle and crumble

and it is hard to stay humble

Creating Mountains out of mole hills are most common

but only if you are not willing to be with someone

A man is what he has got

No matter if it is love, hope or whatnot

Sometimes a child will be reared 

and being without his boy

is what the man most feared

Unconditional love is true

but is it for me and you?

Get down from that cross if you will

 please step down and be still.

There are only so many things someone can do 

before losing his wit too

So seize and squeeze the love that is left in your heart

or  our life will fall apart





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