Yet to feel I am yet to feel exactness That sweet smile on face I may be failed in finding source But not difficult of course I would love to be sweet sixteen And go back to the stage of teen It may be in astonishing nature Without knowing about the bright future I reassured her to be frank That is how one may like to think Else there remains no purpose As many things are left to suppose I want one good character That plays part of sincere actor I won’t mind if made not equal As writing may go well on wall There is no other way to feel honestly Until one comes forward and yield instantly I would love to seize opportunity May be it is the wish from almighty She may prefer baby walk As I make bid to woe and talk She may need time to adjust And follow with complete trust I am burning with desire There is lot more to admire There has to be complete synchronization Else there won’t any meaning of relation I go down with her wishes As she tries to cry and finish I watch her grim face She is with me in any case She must confide And positively decide I shall standby by her in any event As this is golden moment I give her time to stand Stand fast and mend If any doubt persists I shall only insist

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