i have my pillow at night 

to hug when everything seems not right

to give comfort in a cold winter breeze

or just simply give solace to my snooze


if i miss you i find my pillow to replace

the longing that i feel;

the desire to feel your warmth

in my pillow i can find

cold and passive yet will become warm

as i hug my pillow so tight 

thinking you are the one


if only i can tell you that i miss you

if only i can tell you that i love you

if only i can tell you that i want you

but we know this love cant survive 

the test of time never can be passed


if only i can hug you

if only i can feel your warmth

if only i can touch your checks

and kiss your lips

in these simple desires

i only wish

nothing more than just a kiss


i then will surrender myself to my comfort

---my cold pillow waiting for me

waiting for my warm longing embrace

willing to understand

that it is only my pillow i have

instead of you by my side.





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