I remembered so well the way you walked,

Way back then when you were new in town.

The way you look at the ground and shoulders up

As if all of the people are not worthy to look at.


I was a little kid looking from afar,

Amazed by your personality and your social retreat.

Your silence and humility

It showed and radiated straight towards me

Even if you don’t know somebody is looking at thee.


After four hundred eighty fortnights

From stranger to friends we became

And it was fun!

I was so glad that was our time

Until suddenly a “we don’t know thing” happened

That we became strangers again.


Years and years passed,

More than a thousand fortnights perhaps

We met and reconciled

Relived the memories and fun,

Found answers to long questions in our mind.


This I say now thank you for the friendship

For the long talks, and invisible walks

For the memories we build for the sake of true friendship

In which for sure in time I can say thank you

For this second chance,

My new found old friend.

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