The beauty itself Veiled beauty I admire Let it remain blessed It might have descended on earth To be remembered till our death I am the one So far having seen none Yet think about veiled beauty Thank of nice part played by the almighty Roses remind me of great natural show Its fragrance spreads all over and grows The garden is housed of different flowers All have come up with rainy showers All eyes make desperate bid and thrust On simple object with full crush How many succeed is anybody’s guess But it needs careful approach and access Generally its is outer glow That makes magnificent show Only eyes speak with no language barrier It is enough for person to bet on her Not that we are simply blind Have no sympathy of any kind But it has magic pull We are made sometimes perfectly fool I won’t dwell much on negative side There is no opinion divide We are for perseverance of beauty Whether that is seen in jungle, desert village or city You can speculate about nature You can also dream about future But not to have any control to secure Then she may politely turn down an offer I have lot more to write About perception behind those eyes Not because some communities take in pride For keeping them under veil and hide I for one shall prefer open eyes too It remains same and literally true But more you hide then eagerness grows The beauty itself speaks well and shows

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