No obsession O, moon you are no where Not even fit to shine and go near She is one among the top and best Try her in any form, she stands the test Not rose may stand even little chance It may shyly look and close petals at once Reddishness is there alright and fragrance too appreciated But this kind of face can never be equated What to look at and what not to look! Oh, in disbelief I raise the head and write in book Golden words may not suffice to express His face, eyes, and as whole complete face Just down to earth and beautiful as such Her expression brings love so much Eyes are down as if respecting mother earth “My place is always in your lap after death “ We find many people around in this lovely land We may sometimes with them to be our friend But alas! That is not the easy way to realize As it takes place all of sudden and much to our surprise I shall only wish her to be in finest position Where she is and whatever may her transition She deserved to be applauded for her appearance Not the face alone but her expression as well at once I feel divinity in her whole presentation As if praying for world with self elation Live in harmony with peace and love We are all with you in fact and believe Love and beauty do not go side by side Only fortunate people get it to hide Let no bed omen fall on their possession We can only appreciate but have no obsession All smiles as if rain may shower Not to please all but only to fewer Fortunate ones may take pride and honor Dignified way of if having her and going closer

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