It is not about sunrise It is not about even surprise Life has moved on From childhood to the days so far gone What a journey to look back? In disbelief the head to shake Was this me really in picture? I still refuse to be sure Whatever I did was for survival Faced all sorts of problems on arrival The means might have been cruel or unfair But I had to protect my self from the rear There is no fun in regretting it No use to curse self and consider unfit To be human and prefer isolation It was all about life in question Life demanded challenges I survived and managed Reached at peak and remained on top Till I realized that it must stop Yes now sun too has preferred to set in west After long crusade in a day with crucial test It is how we evaluate the life journey Even though granted on lease by almighty “If I can remain as human” I used to pray Never surrendered to anybody’s sway Yet I had enough at heart to feel pity On self for useless struggle daily I carried on with friends and masters It was real path that made me to run faster Faster than my ability till exhaustion Till I felt it as success without any kind of frustration No one stopped me or said a word As I did not prefer to look backward It was race against time and cycle I was to prove as victorious man with struggle

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