Poets are crazy lovers Firm in stand and believers Of nature and its surroundings Eagar to see something new with findings Moon looks to them bigger in size Enough reason for fancy to seize Go beyond imagination and reach To its peak with metaphors as such Not to talk abut sky and its vastness It already brings shine on the face Freedom to venture and open to write No where jealousy and no more to fight Poets have very kind heart for feeling sad Always grief stricken when badly fed Shown atrocities, oppressed people with no hope That is place where he feels difficult to walk on rope That is path for struggle To come out of trouble Make people to feel at ease With new energy in store to release How many queens waiting in queue? To grab the hand for over view Look at face an extend the hand for friendship More and more to offer bond for companionship This all happens in imagination With lovely bond and relation As some of them come close and make to feel But how come poet’s heart expresses the will? Some of the poets may make mole out of mountain As each living object may seem to them very dear to maintain With all those lovely sweet words in expression Life train moves on with all readers in one band wagon It is lovely bond and never ending in its journey Poets may vanish; readers may flourish in all the way Life needs angelic touch with no worry to surface It must be spent at ease with beautiful smile on face

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