Today is very much memorable day Women all over world may feel new way For their rights and position Honorable place too in institution We have society and religion Above and all faith with union (married life) To stay together and discharge the function As mother, sister and as the true companion There is lot more to say When we celebrate this in novel way Encourage them and give the prizes away Such is the fantastic matter to feel any way Women are everywhere Hold the highest position and go anywhere In sky they have dominant position Any organization may be irrelevant without their inclusion So we bow our head in recognition For our being in this world as human To live with harmony and peace And make life for them to be spent at ease Violence against them is at peak But they are not weak They can fight back with resolve Yet we need to help them solve Gang rape and abduction is gaining height They feel helpless and fail to fight It becomes our responsibility to protect As women are our pride and honor in fact

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