No visitor to allow I open the window Hate appears with ugly face to show I push back and shut the door It is cursing on the floor I peep again to find If new entry of any kind There appears greed Oh no, you can not be my need I shut again and wait for visitor Jealousy enters with her mentor I can be your permanent savior I shut the eyes as well as door I have still anxiety to see more Invite somebody else to explore Beautiful fortune queen with wealthy outlook knocks I realize her importance and take the fresh look “Promise me good use of wealth” She reminds of bad consequences with death If misused the fortune or turned arrogant I decided to allow her permanent I found glorious mother of knowledge “Sharp your weapon with edge” she told I was impressed with her brilliance “She must be allowed at once” I thought I had powerful entrants in house They are well established now with no grouse I am still poor by any standard I act for them and look forward The house is in full order Misfortunes and worries thereafter appeared never I always look outside window Smile now as there is no visitor to allow

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