Thousands may celebrate Millions may relate Remember the friends Vow to maintain it till the end What a sacred bond to dream? Innocent feeling and no whim Commitment to a serious relation Rose in hand with smile as an indication It has hidden message To become real valentine with age Be worth for an offer Always to agree and not to differ Make it a memorable moment So there remains nothing to comment No sorrow, no grievances and nothing of that sort Always exchange of happiness with lots of support I mean it when say “will you be my valentine” In happiness, in hard days or in famine I shall hold hands forever and face odd Such words may be repeated and told It is no use to run after beautiful faces It may be so in some of the cases But generally speaking it is loose union To come out with resolve and be companion The rose itself is spreading fragrance It is not occasional, at once or by chance It is by inheritance may spread all over Such is valentine day and may provide cover I offer to all those who are not yet my friends May be reading but not supporting in open end I salute to all those who wish me long and happy journey Today is time to wish along with them and pray almighty

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