Pray in open if you don’t find time In field, on the way or in hut some times You will be heard and attended to It is almost the sincere prayer and true We often say “He is omnipresent” Not in a blade of grass absent Look beyond the sky and down the earth You will find presence even after death I hear “Allah -o- akbar”* from near by mosque “I come to your refuge” high tone recitals from people’s queue Both voices merge in morning’s silence People come to know about Almighty’s presence Just listen to attentively the magnitude of call It is not from priests but from cuckoo on tree tall What an arrangement to feel in the early morning! Same way to feel when sun descends in the evening Many of my friends insist” Jesus is only one” My Muslim friends unequivocally claim” He only and no one “ We live in same locality with honor and respect In no way come in to clash when go for prayer’s act I close the eyes and ask for forgiveness “For whatever acts with total innocence” I find no excuses and surrender totally It finds me in happiness really I find prayers for five times a day A perfect way of asking mercy in a good way For he is the creator of all the living being With benevolent heart and king of kings I read those sentences and sink in deep silence Almost feel divine with elegant touch and presence I find him in me for whatever reasons But as an example we are all good persons We have no reason to clash over faith It is inbuilt to bow over any single death Remember his grace till the last breath He shall not discourage you and stay with * Allah-o- Akbar… God is great

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