I calm down when see sea waves Something from within urges and dares “I must rise and fall” along with time Calmness in mind is must sometimes May be sea has vast belt below That may not give you access or allow So much treasure is beyond reach and hidden No one can judge or think of it even You can’t reach eyes up to its far end Gigantic show appears to us as friend I admire its coolness with respect So much impressive to inspire for the act I sit on the beach with wide and open eyes It reminds me of failure with consistent try Waves rise in mind but subside next moment I try to find reason but fail to comment Yes, life is at cross road too Not at each angle you can be called honest and true It has its own course to unsettle You got to swim across with troubles I am not dejected or discouraged Rather well prepared to face and manage Many of us may find whole of their life as utter failure But something can be spoken with confidence for sure Not all fishes survive in the ocean Someone may grab and swallow often This is nature and goes on with ups and down Let us think seriously and positively own I have lot more to perform yet It is not in my hand but can be termed not as late Luck can not be aligned with fate Some of the terms really offend and irritate

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