It makes me to cry more I search soul and try to explore What might have gone wrong at that time? Why people should resort to cruelty sometimes? I try to evaluate the pain and sufferings What was wrong with his message of offering? Compassion and peace to all with Almighty’s blessings I wondered and knelt down with pain for people’s doing All messiahs, prophets descended the earth with one mission Take out the blind faith and teach them the power of confession No word is as holy as confession itself if done with earnest desire Surrender to thee with no more unholy acts before life expires I read and reread about divine light No where I found hatred to my delight “Love the neighbor and love the poor” “Serve the man if he is suffering next door” All god people here in recent times have met with ugly death Life mission incomplete and fired from gun with bullets ‘God give him good sense as they are misguided” The last words from their mouth have certainly provided Why someone should feel hurt from my utterances? Why should I try to create hatred with harsh sentences? I love to read all such sentences which forbid Make the people to understand and wisely follow the lead I shall bow my head to any faith that preaches love Shuns the violence and firmly believes In his power and blindly follows on what is good Digests its teachings and consumes it as rich food No one knows about who controls the universe? Why do we still reflect unawareness with fears? Let us not divide ourselves and create golden cages! No one may remember what we wrote on pages

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