I failed to find him in you This was identity crisis and very much true I had decided to leave you amidst uncertainty Yet there was heart burning with ambiguity I tried to convince “You could have loved little more” “We have tiny world to explore” “You have an ability to change the heart of terrorists” “Even charm to change the life of atheist I failed to understand her but was very much eager “You have moved away from me very faster” “You happened to be real shadow” “My thought were purged through your window” I persuaded “I am back , I am back I am very much convinced now” You are the only one to know it how! I wish to be suffer under identity clash You have entered me again like flash Love has played magic In any meaningful life it is basic We ate ignorant about the word “pardon” We laugh at the friends and paint him as cartoon I have seen you blindly without eyes Only heart witnessed and tried It told me no lies and forced To accept in same form and cursed I wished you could have created some kind of mimickery But what positive relevance it could create on adversary? Rightly I picked you from bed as not dead My conscious was now clear and fully read I have world before me to lead Now I got to present before you and plead I was childish behavior and stupid action You were best in all the respect as you remained calm without reaction May be it is strength with courage You could maintain it with silence and manage I had found it easy to reinvest in you The true love that has longed for years to pass through

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