I m seeing from the beginning and i got experience from everywhere
that no one loves me so much and no one does so much care..
I couldn't survive Mom, If you were not there.....
when ever i feel so depress and faces so much troubles 
you always supports me and show me hope every where
I couldn't survive mom, if you were not there.....
When ever i feel weak and fear to face the problems
You always encourages me and be like my strength's pillar
I couldn't survive Mom, If you were not there...
This world is so messy nothing give me so much pleasure
I find peace with u only, you are my precious treasure,,,
I don't know, I never see how is god and where?
For me you are my god, stays always with me here..
I Couldn't survive mom.. if you were not there..
If you were not there... 

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