My soul has gone bitter,

My world has grown dark,

It seems I have lost my heart,

From the moment you left me,

I have fallen apart,

You were too young to leave,

That's maybe why it's so hard to believe,

Too full of life to be dead,

I beg you to wake up from bed,

Just one more smile,

Just one more kiss,

I beg of you god,

Even though I dont desere it at all,

Wake me from this nightmare,

 And I swear,

I will never ask for anything more,

I will help others to your door,

But I know you have a plan,

I will try to understand,

Please wrap your arms around me,

Comfort me and help me find the light,

For the darkness surrounds me,

Its trying to get in my head,

Filling me with such rage,

It's trapped inside me like my body is a cage,

I keep wishing I was dead, 

I want to be with him again,

But I know its not my turn,

So my heart will suffer as it yearns,

Just one more laugh,

Just one more tease,

I fall to my knees begging you please,

Take me away,

I can hardly bare the pain,

Save me from this terrible tragity,

I can't stand facing this reality,

I feel you near me,

I feel you comfort me at times,

But where god has my happiness gone,

Why can't I smile and move on,

I find myself crying,

Its just so hard to keep going,

Why can't I talk to anyone,

I try to speak of the hurt,

But it gets stuck in my throat,

I hold it all in,

I don't let them see me cry,

I just keep wishing and praying for the day I fly,

All of my tears and pain will subside,

As I spend eternity in paradise, 

I will tell people not to cry for me,

For I will reunite with the light of my life,

The one who always brought a smile to my face,

Who filled with me with such love and glory,

Who was by far the best chapter of my journey,

Till that day I will keep going,

Only so I can earn my way to Heavens beautiful morning,

I promise my dear I will see you again,

Until then I will hold you in my heart,

Nothing will ever keep us apart,

No matter how far away,

You will be in my thoughts day after day,

I love you sleeping beauty,

Have an amazing day in Gods everlasting journey, 

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