World through I feel world with no difference Same people with nose, eyes and fragrance Love and sweetness in speech Where is the need for all to preach? I wonder and still believe People may have different approach to live with Same work but with different angle Forming axis with beautiful triangle I see through my eyes and put trust I always tell others about it” Why it is must” Ultimate result out of it is just love and only love Lend little patient hearing, take and give I wonder about simple philosophy You may never get joy after receiving trophy It is totally free and coming from within Not less in any form what you enjoy from clear win I get enormous joy when see new plant Just emerging from soil with little bends or slant Not knowing fully well what will be the future ahead! I capture those moments before it becomes dead I seek no answer as it has divinity touch Any living being on earth has to meet same fate as such We may rejoice their arrival with much of fun fare But no one can deny the existence of danger I love emergence of bright sun Morning breeze, dew and people’s run All in quest for new goal and aspiration Sometimes in search of companion for relation All such things make me to believe Life is all that we can dream and relive There is lot more potential to feel happy Just remain in tune with people and get ready You may find atmosphere congenial and conducive Welcome all over among animals, birds and receive Their love and recognition of what you are doing Is it not reciprocal gesture that we are wanting?

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