A Soundless Cry


Her fingers dance on the piano 
but she's looking at the door 
Dreading the moment he walks in, 
forcing her to give him more. 
The floorboards creak eerily, 
The doorknob slowly turns. 
At the mere sight of him, 
her stomach painfully churns 
Tears shield her emotions, 
but not the disgust on her face. 
She knows he can humiliate her, 
In more than a hundred ways 
The music stops almost instantly, 
Her fingers ache; trembling, sore 
Even though no one can save her, 
Her hopeful eyes don't leave the door. 
Crouched against the wall, 
she curses the cruelty of fate, 
for locking her up in this room, 
filled with terror and hate. 
She trembles at his sight, 
If she shouts, no one can hear 
Her helplessness thrills him, 
He laughs at her fear 
Even his shadow makes her shudder, 
So, she knows she'll never flee 
But she won't stop waiting for the day, 
That brings his death and sets her free...

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