I'm scared

Current mood:scared

I'm scared to say exactly what I'm feeling 
Sometimes I feel that I would stop breathing 
You always know how to take my breath away 
And in my heart, I want you to stay. 
Forgive me for being so speechless sometimes. 
When I sit and think, you're there in my mind. 
I want to hold you and tell you so much 
that I want to be near you and feel your touch. 
I'm hopelessly falling and I'm scared as can be. 
I try to be patient, but love has taken over me. 
I'll stand right beside you and promise you this. 
When we are together, they'll be nothing you'll miss. 
I want to say more, but I'll hold back for now. 
This emotion I'm feeling I'm trying to express somehow. 
I am your Angel and you are my Tiger. 
Together our souls will fly so much higher.

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