There you go again dissolving; disappearing in the moonlight

Thoughts once consuming, fears now evading, future strong and bright

Just heard your voice again, it was so exasperating, frightful

May the future make us friends again, although an insightful thought, its doubtful


It may not be the way we once, for hours, looked into each other’s eyes

Or the romantic walk upon the shores where my broken heart now lies

Time and time again I now take that same walk alone

But honestly I gave up a while ago when you stopped answering the phone


God placed a light which shines in me and allows me to grow stronger

A passion which has held me through; while our time apart grew longer

I remember the times we spent and the moments in which I felt ecstatic

Now thinking back on why I cried over you, I begin to feel erratic


It may not be the way in which you held my hands so tight

Or the way in which our conversations led us through the night

Time and time again my mind flees takes me back to that murky place

But now I’ve learned to let you go and live through the Lord’s grace


Goodbyes may be hard but closure is what I need

Committing to pursue my dreams while trusting in His will I’ve agreed

Knowing that the grass which is for the cattle, no one can take away

So faithfully and patiently I live my life, day by day


For letting go and letting God is what we humans are meant for

Love, faith, peace, and thankfulness through my father I’ll implore

Though my body yearns for your touch again and my heart for your love

I take a breath and smile for I feel a purpose in me, above


I may not live to be 100 but throughout these years, I’ll live

I pray to God I touch some lives & hope to all some wisdom I give

There is a light which stems from deep within you, a truth behind your eyes

So embrace the soldier inside of you and live ostentatiously, I advise


May this birthday today bring you an assertion of your life

I pray the lord brings you love and blesses you with an amazing wife

May your family be there for you and love you with all their might

I pray the devil eludes your path & takes you out of his sight


I only wish the best for you; lessons you’ve taught me; lessons I’ve learned

You earned a place deep in my soul, like fire your mark has burned

For the impact you’ve placed in my life slowly made my resentment depart

Eternally and fortunately you’ve left your footprints on my heart


It may not be the way in which you watched me dance so willingly

Or the way in which your family briefly touched my heart so dearly

But time and time again I pray God leads you down the right way

& blesses you perpetually in this life, this I feel and pray


Once thinking you were my soul mate, I was filled with ecstasy

Accepting you for who you are and not who I want you to be

& now that it all felt apart know I still think of your memory

But I’m a slave to no man , I broke the chains and now I am free


I know you’ll be successful at whatever thing you do

Just have some faith and wear a smile, to yourself stay true

Know you’ll always have a friend in me, regardless of the years

I say this with love in my heart fighting down my tears ..


This is my goodbye to you but know you’re always welcome

To be in my life again, a real friendship may be the outcome

Maybe we weren’t meant to be together forever

But I feel in my heart that you’ve been under the weather


So know my heart is pure and intentions are good

I want your birthday to be as great as it should

You’re worth the world, so live it well

To the devil, your soul, never sell


Since we stopped seeing each other & hanging out

A lot has happened in my life throughout

I have a realty job in which I am successful

But sometimes the pressure just gets stressful


So I’ve been smoking a lot of weed

To help satisfy my need

Of some relaxation of the mind

& the same conclusion I always find


A clouded mind helps me think clearly

& my heart still feels for you dearly

Although I’m not in love anymore

My clouded vision sees you, sincerely


I run everyday to feel energy in my body

& dance openly; you know that’s my hobby

But running can never get me far enough away

From the thought of missing you throughout my day


But everything aside know that I no longer cry

Because living in torment is like living to die

I forgave and I’m working on forgetting

Jesus Christ inside my heart, I’m letting


If you ever need a friend to talk to

Know my doors are open and heart is true

Until the day our paths clash again

To you all my love I send


& if I never see you again..

I’m not going to pretend..

That you didn’t hurt me..

But I’ll just let it be


It may not be the way I loved you

It may not be the way I saw you

It may not be the great times we shared

It may not be the fact I know you cared

It may not be the amazing love making

It may not be the random heart breaking

It may not be the realness in this matter

It may not be the static & the shatter

It may not be all the broken promises

It may not be the zealous kisses

It may not be the fun we’ve spent

Or the love you sent..


But maybe it is..


Forgiving as I heal, forgetting as I let go ..

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