Thinking you're so kind because you dont walk away

you wait around and talk and text and call and "try"

but I wish you would.

I really really do.

Instead you stay and manipulate and hurt and make tears.

Make me guilty for speaking, for doing other things

for causing you sadness, for not replying to you.

Stop twisting and changing and ignoring what I say.


You never listen to what I say.

You don't listen to what I want, what I don't want

What I think, what I feel, what I want to change.

I have feelings and opinions and thoughts and I know you do too

and I try to be careful to protect and listen to them

and compromise and work it out,

but its your way or no way 

and your way hurts.


All I ever did for you was try my hardest

and when was it ever easy??

I had problems and worries and sadness already

My granddad died and you were there..

for a week.......

And then we returned to verse 1 and 2. 

How can I look after all my problems and you,

when you are creating more problems to my already present list.

I wanted to be your friend and be there for you

But you'll never be anything but heartache to me.

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