Sitting here, I visualize what's "beyond my reach"
It's nothing easily accessible, nothing to be preached;
I sit and smirk and stare across this seemingly clear-cut place
and move beyond my so-called limits to a wondrous world in space

I close my eyes and drift away, away to an expanse
An expanse of lively, zigzagged colors that leave me in a trance;
I see in them, as I float about, a zone that's "un-mundane"
and I walk along the corridor of streets that have no name

I start  to holler a harmonious laugh as I'm tickled by the visions
of a world that's always been around but was lost by indecision
It's been around inside, you see, and we're both one and the same,
this haven of mine, it lets me be, along the streets that have no name

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