Stop it.
Stop; I don't like it when you bring me down.
Stop it. Please...stop it.
You take over my calm demeanor when you flare up and about;
The shivering cloud of fears you bring are ones I can do without
Stop it, stop!....Stop, stop.
I cannot hear me smile;
Go away and let me be, you stay too long awhile

You sneak up from inside my realms and care not let me go;
I weep with sorrow and alarm
why do you hurt me so?

I tremble fiercely as you roar, I lose control of me;
You always have too much in store, you don't want me to be.
After you intercept my frame, you make way for my heart;
but here is what my sail protects
it will not let you start

Thusly your roars and thunders I see grow until they sigh...
And then you go about your day and take my strength and hide.
Still once again, though weakly, I regain my will to cry;
and thank the faintest drive I have, so that I may not die.

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