On a journey we all are, and life is filled with schemes...

Ones that sometimes make me question what “truths” are to be believed


A pretty face, a flashy style society may deem

Important to a populous hell-bent on glossy dreams


I wonder if I'm often lost to dictates that “know best”

But I end up thinking of myself and demystify the rest


Beauty is what eyes may “see” depending on “who wears what”

A face that shines, a matching doctrine of who/what can't keep up


But I have come to understand that beauty is skin deep

And surpasses outer promises of what you're supposed to “reap”


The beauty of a smile, a heart, and a soul that says “no more”

To eyes that tend to desecrate what's possibly in store


Superficial promises of “riches” should you follow

a set of “rules” inherent in those who have a “claim” on tomorrow


But when you really look deeper, you find the truth in store

The insecurity of human nature, not perfection galore


There is much to be said about “success” if it's defined under these terms

I am not obliged to follow if my heart and soul can't yearn


For what I truly desire in life, a beauty in itself

Defined by character and strength and joy turned into wealth


It's wealth that's felt and heard and seen by me and those who dare

To open up their hearts to truths abounding in their care


So maybe one day the heart and soul of beauty will awaken sleepy parts

In those who care to illustrate what makes their life jump-start


For now I smile and take it in, the “sights and sounds” I mean

Of what surrounds me too often, I care more to be free

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