I dressed up for you my heart and allowed it to sing

About all of the musings that you once did bring


During a season of love that surpassed any affair

We threw caution away and there was nothing that we feared


Our love was too keen and set in its ways

It allowed for no compromise, we were caught in a daze


The fabrics of our souls were entwined at our very core

And we realized all the sunsets at our disposal, there was no discord


The illusion of happiness that we so gravely kept close

The feeling that we never felt any unnecessary remorse


For lost time in the past when we did not prevail

In overcoming our fears, for not being able to inhale


We lived and breathed our union, so alive and so free

So characterized by its depth that kept us together, lovingly


But as the season changed and our love had run its course

We no longer pursued what we once had passionately enforced


Our summer of romance flew by and our love left a trail

Of broken dreams and disillusions that could have prevailed


Over meddling circumstances that called for the cessation

Of our collaborative effort to make love a declaration


A commitment and faith that was torn apart

For a different path, a different journey, or a different start


So we ended up on terms that we had no choice but to allow

And our differences tore us from the truth of our vows


I used to cling to the memory of what could have been

It is now a slight nostalgia, it is not akin to losing a limb


So as time marches on I smile when I see

How that marvelous summer of romance did wonders for me


I move forward now with a hunger that is even truer than before

And I muster up the courage to once again enter through love's door

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