this is, a tale's

of an unreal nightmare

about you


up under your bed

hiding were covers

can't hide

your wide eyed head

looking up and down

and all around

to catch the monster

who haunts

your waking nightmares

mommy and daddy

are no longer there

for you are all grown up

and they wouldn't,

dare come to your home

to tuck you in

with a chill

running up and down

your spine


my gee

you think,

you heard a tiny thump

about the floor

but its, just your heart thumping

like a race horse

on thee floor

you wait,

for, a minute or two

that seems

like an one hour or more

and shimmy yourself

up right,

off the carpeted floor

only to buy

at morning


some portable locks

for your doors

and with a thought

why not

Sliding Window Locks too!


aka: lyricvixen

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