Remember all

Leaving nothing untouched

The memories, lifting or fall

Like a free soul not bind and caged


Exceptional deeds are easily forgotten

Like a bin of garbage, rubbish that stinks

The dreadful acts are hastily begotten

Like sharp and long memory of cats


 Our conscience, formed in negativity bias

Never appraise virtuous works after a moment

Always fighting against the bad works of others

And never consider their robust touching comment


Be good and remember all

The old time of friendship

That love that sketched you in my eyeball

When we enjoyed the unexplainable pal-ship


Why are you getting so upset for hitting you?

Why not reward, be happy for the old love, the kindness?

Why not include forgiveness in your conscience menu?

Why showing anger, much concern over the sadness?


We were happy together and we lived

Now you are sad and don’t want me live

 What a world with so much clash and fake

Remember all, counting the days of love or hate.

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